Voice Activated Digital Voice Recorder - Compact Rechargeable Portable Dictaphone

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The XIXI voice activated digital audio recorder comes packed with advanced features from sound activated recording to digital encryption technology allowing you to clearly record audio and store it safely in one compact and discrete device. 

Breakthrough Design with Increased Recording Time

The built-in high-capacity lithium battery and AI intelligent power management system reduces recording power consumption, allowing about 500 hours of recording time to suit all of your needs.

Intelligent Control Buttons

One-click recording prevents operational errors with an independent recording button and sound activated recording button to avoid cumbersome operations.

Exceptional Sound Quality

384KBPS recording, clear and natural, reduces distortion, strong explosive power, and can finely process weak sounds and meet your sound quality requirements.

Large Memory Expansion

Supports 128G memory expansion so you don't have to worry about running out of memory.

Sound Activated Recording

Independent sound-activated recording allows recording to start if the sound is greater than 30 decibels and stop if it is less than 30 decibels, helping you save power and memory.

Long Distance Recording

Stereo pickup technology according to the environment gives it the ability to record sounds from a distance of about 60 meters. As long as the human ear can hear the sound, the recorder can record.

Encrypt Documents

Digital encryption technology makes your files safe and prevents theft.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Voice Recorder
  • 1x Data Cable
  • 1x Earphone
  • 1x Manual