USB Flash Drive Audio/Voice Recorder - Digital Dictaphone with Keychain

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This Dictaphone is an 32-64GB voice recorder hidden in keychain form. This gives you a concealable advantage because of how discrete it is. Nobody will even know that it is a voice recorder! You can attach it to your car keys so that it looks like a normal keychain and just hang it on your pants. It is portable and lightweight. This device is also compatible with Mac and Windows so you can easily configure it with your laptop or PC. In addition, it has up to 64GB memory and it can continuously record for 20 hours straight! It is a multi-function voice recorder and MP3 player meaning you can easily listen to your recording when you need to!

Easy to Use, Portable, and High Quality

A key feature to this product is that it is voice-activated, so when you need to be secretive, you can do start recording without being noticed. Another advantage of this product is its audio clarity. Most recorders don’t have clear recording capacity and the quality of the recording is very poor. It can do this because it has a noise-cancellation feature that cancels external noise to give you a clear recording. Finally, it has a single button for recording and a single button for saving. With this handy Dictaphone, voice recording has never been this discreet and easy!

Multi-Functional Product

This device is extremely versatile in its uses. Use it during classes or meetings so you have a reference for the discussion, or if you work for an intel group and you need evidence for a case. Finally, you can configure it so that it has a time and date stamp for easy tracking.


  • Voice Activated Recording: Yes
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 70*23*8 MM
  • Battery: Built-in 150mAh Lithium Battery
  • Feature 1: Voice Recorder
  • Feature 2: MP3 Player and U-disk
  • Memory Capacity: 8GB to 128GB
  • Recording Sample Rate: 48KHZ
  • USB Interface: USB high speed 2.0
  • Recording Time: About 15 hours
  • Play Time: About 10 hours
  • Noise-signal Ratio: 80db
  • Recording Bitrate: 192kbps
  • Cover Material: Metal and zinc alloy
  • Net Weight: About 34g