iPega Bluetooth Gaming Controller for Android/iOS

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Indulge in the ultimate gaming experience with the new iPega Bluetooth Gaming Controller for Android and iOS systems. Simply adjust the length to your device and turn your phone or tablet into an interactive handheld gaming platform!

Drastically improve your aiming, steering, movements and in-game precision with its dual joy sticks, responsive triggers and ergonomic design. 

It can be used when connected to any mobile device's bluetooth without any drivers and 3.0 wireless transmission can support 6 - 8 meters range of operation.

Built-in 380mAh lithium battery can be sustainable for 20 hours after a full charge.

User-friendly software designed to enter the power saving mode with no connection state. 
Supports Android 3.2, iOS 4.3 and above systems

Interface Type: Bluetooth
Includes: 1 controller, USB charging cable, instruction manual 

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